Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Gunky Light Seals And What To Do About Them

If you're like me and you are enamored of film cameras you have no doubt puzzled over the question: "Why did the foam they used for light seals in this blankety blank camera turn into sticky black goo?"
There IS an answer.
A fellow named Jon Goodman has put together a very nice manual and provides a kit of materials that allow the person with reasonable mechanical skills to replace the seals and do a good workmanlike job of it too.
Jon sells his materials on eBay and other places for modest prices and he trades under the seller name "interslice".
So last night, I decided to tackle replacing the seals on a Canon AE1 that has been hibernating here for a few years. It went well, and I am ready to tackle the rest of the herd.


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