Friday, April 20, 2007

Fire Sale At Airbus, Boeing-If You Want A Better Deal, Go See Cal?

It's reported this morning that da Festung is offering deep discounts on the proposed A350 and other incentives to get people to sign up, perhaps in advance of the big fandango in gay Paree. The Australian reports the following:

  • The A350-800 list, $189 million USD, your price $102 million.

  • The A350-900 list, $215 million USD, your price $102 million.

It is also thought that Boeing is discounting the 787 from $153 million list to $102 million.

It is also suspected that da Festung offering a free A350 with every A380.

Emirates is set to announce an order for 100 A350s next week, but with the deep discounts and compensation for the A380 contretemps, once the bill is in, Airbus may not make much dough here.

King Pyrrhus of Epirus said it well a couple thousand years ago: "Another victory like that and we are undone."

Credits to the Cal Worthington Archives for the pic of old Super Sales himself.


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