Monday, October 09, 2006

Turn Out The Lights In Cuba?

Rumors are swirling about whether Fidel is going to be up and about before you know it just like the Energizer Bunny, or whether he's got terminal cancer and is down for the count. People do not get turned into canoes for no reason.

Fact is, Fidel's long in the tooth and probably should have retired and provided an orderly succession years ago, ambled down to the beach, lit up a stogie and ordered a Cuba Libre for a job well done. But like many champions, he may have stayed on until his best days were behind him.

This could be an interesting story, and it looks to me as if the next year may be very interesting vis a vis Cuba, the emigres, and Uncle Sugar.

One thing's for sure-it's going to leave Hugo Chavez out on one big damned limb. Hugo, don't worry about the smell of sulfur....that's just your breakfast burrito announcing its presence.


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