Monday, October 02, 2006

Microsoft v. The Known Universe Part Deux

There have been reports lately that the commercial antivirus software community is getting annoyed at Microsoft because it's not sharing the inner workings of its new Windows Vista operating system. One commentator suggests that the main reason that Vista has taken an inordinate amount of time to produce was because it does not share its innards with XP.

One might think that the prescient in the antivirus software community could have said "Hey! We're only here because Microsoft can't get its act together security wise. What happens if they do get it together? What's the business plan, huh?"

But they didn't. And it's to their detriment to think the good times would go on forever and that Microsoft would always be Microsoft. On the other hand, the hacker community seems to be pretty good at finding flaws in Microsoft products, so maybe reports of the death of the for-pay antivirus software sellers will be greatly exaggerated.

I could care less, anyway. I've got AVG Free.

Stay tuned.


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