Friday, October 06, 2006

Cycling Post Gains Devil Cat Endorsement

As you know we here at the Dougloid Papers, high atop the Dougloid Building....well, it's really just me and Darla who is kind of like the 12th Imam, and Zelda the Devil Cat and it's the back bedroom of half a duplex in Des Moines...anyway, we're professional cycling fans. Every time we take out the $12 Cannondale road bike for a 20 or 30 miler up the Neal Smith Trail we realize afresh what it is that makes cycling so enjoyable in all its permutations. I still plan to do the solo century this year if possible.

We've found a nifty site that has a lot of content and information for those of us who think that there's nothing finer than to follow the soap opera that is the Tour de France and everything that leads up to it.

It has been added to the blogroll. Great work, fellows.


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