Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Memo to Airbus Workers: BOHICA

It appears that, as usual, The Emerald City is denying rumors that its new chief, Louis "Louie Louie" Gallois is about to announce job cuts on the order of 10,000 or more worker bees.

I've given up even trying to keep track of the denials-every time the Emerald City denies some rumor it's apt to be true-information security there being like a cheap swiss cheese-more holes than meat. They really should look into the...ahem...leakage.

Of course, the people who will get the bum's rush will be the people least responsible for the massive screwups that led to this sorry pass, least of all the lotus eaters who sat there while the ship was going up on the reefs.

So from one laid off aerospace worker to 10,000 or so others, here's a nifty aerospace acronym used at Douglas back when we were getting the shank and youse guys were watching from the bleachers:

BOHICA. The long version is Bend Over Here It Comes Again. You're welcome to use it all you need to.


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