Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Bad Wind From Toulouse: Emirates, Singapore, Virgin Thinking Cancellation?

It's reported by Reuters today that Singapore Airlines has indeed been thinking hard about cancelling its orders for the A380. Here's a stement on the very subject as reported by La Tribune , a French newspaper that seems to have a direct pipeline into the Emerald City .

"If the deliveries are too far away and take place at a moment during which we do not need them, we could indeed cancel them," said Bey Soo Khiang, senior executive vice president of the airline, was quoted as saying in La Tribune.

Emirates has also let it be known that it is thinking about cancelling its orders for the A380.

And not to be diminished is Virgin Atlantic, which is also thinking about the very same topic.

My old man once told me, "Once is bad luck-twice is coincidence-three times is enemy action."


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