Friday, April 21, 2006

From the "Why do they do this?" Department: Angela Baillie

It was reported by The Scotsman that Angela Baillie, a lawyer in Scotland, was sentenced to a term in prison for smuggling heroin and diazepam tablets into the Barlinnie prison in Glagow. It was revealed that she had smuggled a couple thousand dollars or more worth of dope into the prison over a period of time, and as is customary, was betrayed by an informant.

The cops aren't done with Baillie, either. It's noted that they are seeking to confiscate better than sixty thousand dollars under the 'Proceeds of Crime' Act-akin to our civil forfeiture statutes.

Of course, her career at the bar of justice is over-she has asked that her name be removed from the roll of solicitors.

All of this goes against one of the canons of the legal trade, and that is never to get involved in your clients' dealings or problems. The other canon of the trade that Baillie chose to disregard is that you can tell when a criminal defendant is lying by whether his lips are moving or not.

I know, I know. This isn't an aviation matter-but it IS a legal matter and thus our interest in this tale.


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