Wednesday, April 12, 2006

More Airborne Stuff You Didn't Want to Hear About

It is reported in the Scotsman today that pet owners in the area of West Lothian in the heart of Scotland are advised to keep a close eye on their pets because of the escape of a very large predatory owl from captivity.

It seems that Fergus, as his owner calls him, is a European eagle owl, and he has a five foot wingspan and no love for humankind that we can discern. His owner reports he has been known to attack housepets in the past, with a special emphasis on Staffordshire bull terriers. And Fergus has not eaten in the last two days-as far as anyone knows.

Unlike our more common and loquacious barn owls seen here in the midwest, Fergus does not engage in long late-night soliloquies or discussions with his fellows back in the timber while looking to pick off the occasional rabbit out for a nighttime stroll. Rather, when threatened, Fergus is likely to emit a bark or a growl.

I think it most interesting that someone actually thinks he can own a creature like Fergus. He's like the coyote-the wild is part of his DNA, and he cannot be tamed.


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