Sunday, April 16, 2006

Notoriety at Last.

I did a topical search here a few minutes ago on, the folks who host this forum for folks like myself. The search turns up about five items in a page. As it happens I was searching for blogs mentioning Boeing, and this blog and Randy's Blog were on the same search page.

Talk about rubbing elbows with the higher-ups. The closest I ever got to John McDonnell at my beloved Douglas was seeing him go by on a golf cart one time.

Maybe what this really says is that we're all equal in blogdom, which is good news indeed. It's time that the rest of the world knew that there are people out here with something to say, and that we're not insignificant because we don't own a printing press or kiss the right patoot.

Thanks, Blogger and Google-you're the folks who provide the forum.


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