Thursday, February 16, 2006

Put the Lime in the Coconut: On the Avian Influenza Battlefront

Yes, yes, I know this is an aviation blog, but I do have other interests....

I am a subscriber to an excellent listserv from the University of Guelph up there in Canada which is run by Dr. Doug Powell. It is called AnimalNet, and it collects and distributes news items of interest to those in the agricultural and animal health and welfare community. A great service and I shall post the signup information for you in just a second.

Dr. Powell has been talking about Avian Influenza and the threat it poses for the last two years or more. The work he is involved in is most commendable, timely and informative.

It seems that agricultural officials in the nation of Benin are worried that the local voodoo priests are going to be adversely impacted by avian influenza, as many of them rip the throats out of unsuspecting chickens with their teeth as part of their religious rituals. Government officials are busy drafting an action plan as we speak. The contents of the action plan are as yet undisclosed, but one might just think the chickens are hoping for some quick action here.

I'm trying to be sensitive here but it is hard to keep a straight face when stuff like this comes across my desk.

Here's the information to sign up for AnimalNet. It's highly recommended.

To subscribe to the html version of AnimalNet, send mail to:(subscription is free)listserv@listserv.uoguelph.caleave subject line blankin the body of the message type:subscribe animalnet-L firstname lastnamei.e. subscribe animalnet -L Doug Powell(replace animalnet-L with annettext to subscribe to the text version)


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