Thursday, February 16, 2006

Addenda: Son of Tiptoeing into Oblivion.

Addenda: Son of Tiptoeing into Oblivion.

The Marketwatch people have an article today which clarifies somewhat the future of the KC767 at least as far as the Dougloids are concerned.

Talk about explaining to the canary what its future in the coal mine is going to be.

Well, one thing's for sure-you can't accuse Boeing of being overly subtle. Their lexicon of business Newspeak is in dire need of retooling to contemporary standards. If they did that we could have a nice discussion about stuff like "renditioning the corporation" and "reengineering to zero" or maybe "rightsizing to the null point".

Here's what it says. "Defense executive James Albaugh said recently that the company will review all its options" (doesn't that phrase give you a sinking feeling?) "but expects to keep making 767 planes in its Seattle-area plant, even if commercial demand for the line dries up."

And furthermore.

"Our assumption has always been that we would build 767 tankers for the U.S. Air Force in Everett, Washington, where commercial 767s and 767 tankers for Italy and Japan are produced."

Looks like that's settled. If not, I'll pay off my bets in Confederate dollars.


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