Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Update: State v. Joseph White Resentencing

We've talked at some length about the Drake Diner murders, and the untimely death of Cara McGrane and Tim Burnett, as well as the investigation that led to the  conviction and sentencing of Joe White.

Well, there was a new wrinkle recently.

It was found in Miller v. Alabama that a sentence of life without the possibility of parole for juveniles was unconstitutional, and in Montgomery v. Louisiana that the Miller decision was made retroactive, meaning that everyone who was sentenced to life without parole and was below the age of 18 deserved a new sentencing hearing and a sentence that allowed for the mere possibility of parole.

Joe White was, I believe, a month shy of his 18th birthday when he committed the crime that landed him in state and then federal prisons with in excess of 100 disciplinary infractions. Joe has also acquired an impressive set of tats while in the correctional system.

Needless to say he had his resentencing hearing a couple of weeks ago and he was brought back from the Big Sandy federal prison in Inez, Kentucky for the occasion and much addenda to the presentence investigation report. Remember he'd been convicted of two counts of murder in the first degree and a count of robbery in the first degree and sentenced to the statutory life without the possibility of parole plus 25 years on the robbery back in, I guess, 1993, all to run concurrently.

The court resentenced White to two life terms with the possibility of parole and twenty five years on the robbery charge, all to run consecutively, or, box cars, as the criminals call it.

Here's some of the back story

I wonder. What does he do with his time?


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