Monday, September 05, 2016

Themes for the New Millenium

I've often wondered about the advisability of adopting a theme for this blog. Ten years, after all, is a lot of wondering to do, but I think I have arrived at something of a crossroads.

Forget politics. I'm interested in things people can agree on and things that are liable to bring people closer together over common interests, and I think I may have it.

A drum roll, maestro.

The general drift, henceforth, will be good eating on a budget. That's not going to be exclusive, because I have too much other stuff on my mind right now. The upcoming election may figure large. Politics is, by and large, an unhealthy obsession.

As some of you know, I did the food stamp challenge last year to see whether I could get by on food stamps. The answer is decidedly affirmative, although it does require some forethought, skill improvement, and tooling to make the best use of the resources that are available to most folks.

So that is where I think we'll go. As newsworthy items cross my desk I'll be sure and make them part of the landscape here.The thinking is that if you and I find things in common that don't end up getting us all pissed at each other, it could be a model for talking about other things as well.

On the other hand there are some folks I know who just can't stay away from aggro politik, and perhaps they should avoid this little corner of the universe. At least for now.

The picture is of  Ettore Boiardi (1897-1985). This son of Piacenza in Italy is known for making canned food for folks on a budget, but he was much more than that. A restaurateur and an entrepreneur, he fed a lot of hungry GIs in Dad's war and was well known as an excellent chef.

You can read about him here.

This modest and unassuming man had much to teach us if we will but listen. So that's the direction I'm going in.

Stay tuned, and bon appetit.


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