Friday, September 14, 2007

Memo to James Wallace: Cleanup In Aisle 3.

As much as I enjoy reading James Wallace's blog and commentary on the Seattle PI, the comments section has become troll central and pigpen deluxe.
It's painful to read so I've sworn off. I even offered to moderate it for free but heard nothing from the S. P-I ivory tower.
Here are a few recent examples. Nuff said

#49885....YOU ARE A MORON ! I GUESS AIRBUS EXECUTIVES MUST CALL YOU AT HOME EVERY HOUR AND GIVE YOU THE INFO ON BOEING HU? What a shocking week for Boeing, incompetence demonstrated in simple build procedures, programme management and lying, and now this.Airbus is not so cavalier about these issues!I AM AN INSTRUCTOR ON THE 777. I WORK FOR ONE OF THE LARGEST OPERATORS OF THE BOEING AND AIRBUS AIRCRAFT IN THE WORLD. I KNOW BOTH FLEETS VERY WELL. YOU ARE A MORON

Hey #49968Morons also can't turn off CAPS lock it seems too.Lighten up, if you really had a job in the know you wouldnt be posting as if you have the authority of Orville Wright :-)Dont try and pull pishers unless you can back it up and talk the talk

You Airbust boyz should go back and review all the lies that Airbus told when the A380 was hittin' the skids. Then there's the whole A350 mess.It's the A380 that's 2 years late. You Eurologists are eurinating all over the place because 787 first flight has slipped? Get real.


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