Tuesday, August 28, 2007

New Kid On The Block II: China Law

The China Law blog is always an interesting read and I've added it to the links section. Affairs in China are always of more than passing interest, in part because the scale of them is astonishing. I'm sort of like one of Ding Darling's characters looking at the Empire State building and smacking my forehead, that's how big this is.

I've just finished watching a two hour special on the Three Gorges Dam project, and anyone who isn't astounded by that is probably, well, comatose or deceased.

Not the least part of why I find the blog interesting and informative is that the author is a transplanted midwesterner who (no doubt profitably) spent four years as a Grinnell Pioneer. I've also rated a favorable mention on a couple occasions therein. All of which should tell you something.

What makes China Law more important than it usually is this morning is the linked article in the New York Times entitled As China Roars, Pollution Reaches Deadly Extremes.

It's well worth an hour of your day to read this excellent article, watch the slideshow and video and consider the dark lessons that it presents for our consideration.

Once, long ago in another day and another time I had an experience with a physician who told me that what I had would get worse before it gets better.

Is this the same concept at work?


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