Sunday, August 05, 2007

Open Letter to the Continent

The great failing of the internet is that it gave a voice to everyone, and most people don't have anything worthwhile to say-oh, they say a lot of nonsense, repeat things they saw on fox news and all, stuff they saw on some idiot's blog about how Britney showed up at some club sans skivvies but reasoned, well thought out opinion is just as hard to find as it ever was.

It just leads to the conclusion that 'vox populi, vox doggy doo'.

I'm sure you're well aware that there are a lot of people, including Benno Hansen, who seem to think that they are permitted to bitch, piss and moan about Uncle and hold all of us personally and morally responsible for the perceived failings of our government, our way of life, and the size of our automobiles, not to mention our opinions about feeding cattle and Article Three of Provisional Authority Order 81.

In fact, that worthy gennelmun from the great nation of Denmark thinks I'm a stooge in the pay of Monsanto-which is hilarious, because I've yet to see a paycheck from the St. Louis colossus with my name on it. Benno, I'm working for free.

I haven't heard anything about bridge construction yet but I am quite sure that there are Europeans who are making a direct connection between the collapse of the bridge between Minneapolis and St. Paul in the great state of Minnesota to the declining dollar, pollution, global warming, genetically modified farm crops, and the moral flabbiness of 300 million Americans.

It gets old being everyone's favorite punching bag.

All I'm asking is that people speak plainly and directly. The world's far too dangerous a place these days to be playing at word games.

I'm not asking that people love the US-that's got to be pretty difficult these days. Just to speak truth.

I can, however, tell you with a degree of certainty known only to Iowans that the times are a-changin', and the odor of decomposition emanating from the Republican party is real, because they haven't any answers to the question we're all asking here and that is "WTF are you going to do about Iraq?"

Like my old man used to say "Something on your mind kid? Spit it out!"


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