Thursday, August 30, 2007

Will The Real John Leahy Please Stand Up? The Toulouse-Rapid City Connection Exposed

I got a message yesterday from Saj over at Fleetbuzz saying, more or less, that John Leahy, the ever present salesman and mouthpiece de luxe for da Festung had been pretty quiet of late.

So we here at the Dougloid Papers, high atop the Dougloid Towers....where was I? Oh. I remember.

We went looking, and through the good offices of Google we think we have found John Leahy.

In the Rapid City Journal, the bes' li'l ole scandal sheet in all of South Dakota we are informed that John Leahy apparently has a second life he hasn't told anyone about. Or else there's a doppelganger on the loose.

It seems that he's the operations manager for the Rapid City landfill.

But the things he said about activities at the landfill, to wit, that landfill officials didn't have to use too much overtime to deal with extra rubble, employees were asked to prioritize and perform different duties for a few days and that a few different areas of the landfill were shut down during the influx of rubble-these things don't sound too different from the things we hear from Toulouse these days.

Coincidence? I don't believe in coincidence.


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