Wednesday, June 27, 2007

It Always Rains In Paris, Doesn't It?

It is reported by the Associated Press by way of the Houston Chronicle, you know, the bes' li'l ole paper that ever ran an expose.....where was I? Oh. I remember.

It seems that two French Senators have broken ranks with da Festung and issued a report that is a scathing review of affairs at Airbus after a six month investigation. Senators LeGrand and Ries pull no punches therein. Surprisingly they held it until this week....which is interesting in itself.

In particular Senator Ries says in an interview, "The A380 was a catastrophe both industrially and commercially." The A380, it is said, is the proximate reason that Airbus has lost its' number one slot in the aircraft business to those pesky Americans and wiped out $6 billion in profit for EADS, the parent company.

Of course, you can blame this all on the dollar, they say. That's the capper.

A spokeswoman at Airbus (perhaps the enigmatic Barbara Kracht, Airbus' answer to the Sphinx) had "no comment" which is hilarious when one considers the amount of swamp gas and flatulence that was emerging from the Airbus chalet last week on a 24 hour basis no less.

I have absolutely no doubt that Senator Ries will be doing the French equivalent of pounding a beat in Staten Island before too long. This sort of thing cannot be overlooked.


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