Wednesday, June 20, 2007

News From Paris UPDATE 3

It's reported today by the Associated Press that Airbus has signed Aeroflot for 22 A350s and India's Kingfisher has signed a memorandum of understanding for another 50. Libya's Afriqiyah has signed a memorandum of understanding for an additional six.

As we noted below a memorandum of understanding is along the lines of saying "Yeah. We're interested-send us the catalog and price list!" and when it's for a product that does not exist and nobody really knows what it's going to actually do, memorandums of understanding have more publicity value than anything else.

In other news, not to be outdone by Volvo's ill-fated advertising that promoted one of their cars as "The Volvo that can save your soul!" Airbus announced in an act of overweening Eurohubris that the A380 was the airplane that could save the planet.

Some people over on are actually taking this seriously.

I'm on furlough over there, having been booted again for taking one of the resident Jew haters to task who seems to think that every time one Palestinian thug drops another Palestinian thug off a building the fault can be directly attributed to the Israelis. It was worth it. I just can't abide offensive stupidity.

I'm reserving comment on all of this for later on when I get back from Maharishiville, a/k/a Fairfield today.

Until then, hare hare rama rama, folks.


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