Tuesday, January 02, 2007

One Year On the Air....

It was a year ago that we started The Dougloid Papers, and it has been an interesting and productive journey.

My writing's gotten a lot better and I've made the acquaintance of a number of interesting people from the work that goes on around here, not the least of which was starting two other blogs, Law Down On The Farm and the Iowa Law Enforcement Reporter .

Law Down On The Farm gave me a vehicle to get ag-related information out subito. I hope the people who it is directed at understand that the pain they feel is me grinding my grubby thumb in their eye.....somehow, knowing them as I do, it will not make much difference. My life's far too interesting these days to spend much time worrying over such matters.

A trip thru the archives will tell the tale if you have an interest in such things.

The Iowa Law Enforcement Reporter was an idea I had to publish matters of interest and recent decisions that affect the law enforcement community here in Iowa. That's worked out pretty well, too.

On the aviation front this year should be interesting for those of us who are incurable kibitzers on the Airbus v. Boeing thread. I'm going to try and return to my roots a bit and I hope to enlist a few correspondents akin to those in the law enforcement community who send me items from time to time.


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