Sunday, December 10, 2006

Singapore Goes Shopping: Try, It, You'll Like It

Bloomberg's saying today that the CEO of Singapore Airlines is talking about ordering more Boeing 777s to make up for the shortfall in capacity occasioned by-what else?-delays in the A380 program.

What's interesting is that Mr. Chew Choon Seng said that the 278 seat B777 is a "useful alternative" to the anywhere from 400 to 550 passenger A380 depending on who you're paying attention to these days, of course subject to the payload/range issue which, as we have opined, is rattling its chains and making itself obnoxious like Marley's ghost.

That suggests that he doesn't think that the Albatross is the be all and end all that's been the main selling pitch until recently.

We're back to the "flying palace" model of theory as we have noted recently. People are saying "555 passenger interior? Who cares? We'll sell fewer, more expensive seats and make up with caviar what we can't sell in hot dogs."

The business case for the A380 was mass transit between hubs. That was why they built it, allegedly. Are we now seeing the emergence of a consensus that it can't be done with the hardware in hand?

Is this another Dornier X?


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