Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Memo to Airbus Employees: Don't Get Too Comfy

Usually, when The Maginot Line is getting ready to drop a bomb there's a bunch of feel good announcements that come before, talking heads deny everything and then the turd hits the fan along about the middle of the week. Well, we've had the feelgood announcements and the talking heads so here's what might be this week's drama.

In this case, there's a report out from Reuters that says that Airbus' boss Louis "Louie Louie" Gallois has said that The Maginot Line is going to outsource fifty per cent of the A350 airframe work (if it gets built at all). The only way The Maginot Line gets close to that figure is if they outsource all the product development to China and India. And if that's the direction they're going, Katie bar the door. You can kiss your jobs goodbye, fellows.


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