Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Internet Explorer 7: Don't waste your time

There are abouyt three people in the world who do not know that Microsoft introduced it's latest version of Internet Explorer, this time version 7.0. It's alleged to be a huge improvement, lotsa security improvements, and it's such an improvement that Microsoft is going to make it a Windows update.

Well. I tried it.

Don't waste your time or storage space messing with this. It looks pretty, I'll give it that. The screen presentation is nice, but it's clunky, with a significant number of unexplained crashes, slow page loads, and other problems that lead me to believe that it's just not ready for prime time.

I'm not one of the Firefox apparatchiks whose business it is to slag Microsoft-they're usually pretty good if a little bit slow off the mark. It's just not quite ready for seamless web noodling.
As for the 'security' issues: here's a deep dark secret. The only times any computers in this household got viruses was when I tried to look at websites where I probably shouldn't have been anyway. Spyware's unavoidable but manageable with Lavasoft's Adaware SE and Spybot-Search and Destroy. The virus problems are policed by AVG Free, which is reliable, free, and unobtrusive, unlike its commercial competitors from Norton with their constant requests for money.

So turn off the automatic updates, sit back, and wait until it's been fine tuned before you drop it in.

Removing IE7 is easy enough through the 'add and remove programs' feature. It'll revert to IE6.


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