Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Big Noise From University of Whingeconsin

Every once in a while there's a local matter, which although fairly insignificant, assumes huge proportions on the scale of stupid, lame, no good, belly draggin' human conduct. Such is this.

It seems that the University of Wisconsin at Madison-hereinafter to be referred to as the University of Whingeconsin has a logo plastered on the side of the football player's helmets. It's called the Flying W, and it's a capital W in script. Not unlike the same letter that's on the helmets of the Waukee, Iowa high school team and, as someone's discovered, on the helmets of at least five other high schools and counting.

Waukee's on the right. The University of Whingeconsin is on the left.

Well. The University of Whingeconsin has threatened the high school with all sorts of trademark hell if they do not cease and desist from using the letter W in that fashion, accused the players of a form of dishonesty amounting to plagiarism and generally thrown its weight around trotting out its phalanxes of talking heads and lawyers.

Mark Hansen of the Register's got it right, it's boorish, offensive and ultimately silly, and the University of Whingeconsin surely has better things to do than threaten high school kids for using a letter that's commonly available in any number of ways. I've got a suggestion.

Straighten up the W enough to make the University of Whingeconsin go away. Then place a small capital "FU" in front of the W.


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