Friday, October 27, 2006

Clark Tells Airbus: Better Get Relacore!

Reuters is reporting this morning that the chairman of Emirates has stated that the A380 is 5.5 "tonnes" overweight. For the metrically challenged, that comes out to 12,120 pounds give or take. The only mystery in this story is what weight Mr. Clark started from-scale weights, or the basic operating weight of 608,400 pounds that The Emerald City has published.

We're going to follow this story.

Either way it's confirmation of a sort what Cassandras like myself have been saying ever since we started trying to run weight estimates on the A380.

In other news, Virgin Atlantic has decided to defer delivery of the 6 A380 order it placed for another four years, which can't be good confidence wise for the A380 recovery program.


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