Saturday, October 21, 2006

When You've Got Them By The Balls, Their Hearts And Minds Will Follow

This famous quote was once attributed to G. Gordon Liddy and it's appropriate because of the fact that Kim Jong Il, tin pot Fuhrer Deluxe of North Korea has decided that it was time to make nice with China for soiling his nuclear nappies. The truth of Liddy's maxim has thus been demonstrated anew.

Amazing what diplomacy will do when everyone's on board. As I opined a few days ago on the occasion of the beloved Leader's nuclear squib test, this was going to be up to China to carry the ball.

It's interesting to note how little attention North Korea paid to the rest of the civilized world during the pendency of this pathetic tantrum. One wonders what the message that China's representative delivered to der Fuhrer was, but I'd probably have given a few bucks to be a fly on the wall with an instant translator.

I'd be willing to guess that North Korea is going to behave a lot better from here on in, and I thinkthat the Pyongyang government lost a lot more than it hoped to gain here. It was revealed by the bungled test that their capability stands at zero, and they managed to insult the people who provide most of their food and fuel. I seriously doubt whether China will tolerate more foolishness of this nature, and we can erase North Korea from the nuclear club.

Pissing off the Chinese when you've got a contiguous land border and you depend on them for the heat in the house and the food on the table is a fool's game, anyway.


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