Friday, April 28, 2006

ClustrMaps Rocks

I just installed a ClustrMap on this blog back on the 16th and I've gotten some hits from some out of the way person logged in from Iraq, another in India. and someone so far up in Norway the sun's out for three minutes a day.

Plus folks from all over.

Well, welcome to you all. Hopefully you will find things of interest here that cause you to question authority and otherwise think hard.

I remember back in 1993, trying to figure out this internet thang on the college's Digital Vax, whether it was ever going to amount to anything-who would have thought I'd be making a living on it and talking to people in the global village every day?

It's astounding, is what it is. And it makes all this possible. The only thing I can think of that even comes close is the development of commercial radio in the early 1920s.


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