Friday, March 10, 2006

Sour Grapes Make the Best Whine

It is reported in Flug Review that the idea of making a commercial aircraft of carbon fiber composites was a European idea, after all. It is also reported that the idea that Boeing would produce an aircaft out of such material was, in the words of Professor Breitbach, a political challenge to the Europeans.

However, not to worry, as the good professor, who's 100 per cent funded by Airbus by the way, informs us that Airbus will, of course get it right, and will let Boeing go ahead and take the lumps that being first will earn. Meanwhile, the A350 is only 2-no! 3-wait a minute, we're going to redesign the cockpit! 4 years behind the 787.

Hmmm. Since when does applied technology have nationalist and political context? Isn't this about using the best material for the job?


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