Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A little indigestion, perhaps?

It is reported that Boeing's former chief Harry Stonecipher received $11.5 million in bonuses and all the other stuff that high priced executive talent gets when the company figures out that it's time for the former Mr. Wonderful to go on special assignment. To Antarctica, perhaps. That had to hurt, no?

It seems that the dear departed was something that Boeing acquired along with other McDonnell Douglas hot properties. Mr. Stonecipher, it seems, was dusted off to clean house after some well publicized scandals involving Boeing people in high places. Think KC767 and Lockheed and 25,000 stolen documents and you get my drift.

Well. Stonecipher had himself a little business going on the side with a female Boeing manager, and he had to be fired lest the aroma around HQ became even more nasty than it was already.
Well, maybe there's a place for Robert Hood at Boeing after all. He'll do a great job for them.

As distressing as all this may be for some, I view the entire subject with a certain amount of equanimity and more savoir faire than Jean Paul Belmondo could muster on a good day. I just may have more levity and bonhomie for my fellow man than is at all seemly at this time.


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