Sunday, February 26, 2006

Paging Jim Barnett

My Version of the Back of the Milk Carton

I am looking for this guy.

His name's James Dennis Barnett, and I lost touch with him a few years ago. He might be in Florida and was thinking of taking up veterinary medicine.

James was a mechanic who worked for Don Cleland's Bonanza shop in Long Beach, and he was originally from Washington State around Spokane way. later on, he worked in planning at Douglas.

Here's a story about Jim. One time, I think it was the same day I took this picture, he says "I have to take this airplane to Corona. Do you want to ride along?" So off we went. We taxied out and we were second in line to depart from Long Beach. So the tower says something along the lines of "Bonanza november 123xx, taxi on to the active, cleared for takeoff, good day." Then as we started moving, I heard the first pilot in line come on the radio "You idiot! That was my turn!" The next thing we heard was was the tower instructing the person who was third in line to taxi onto the active, with the instruction to our dissatisfied colleague to hold short. When we landed in Corona, that guy was STILL holding short.

So Jim, if you see this give me a call.


At 5:28 AM, Blogger Jennifer Metzger said...

Have you tried Google?

At 8:12 AM, Blogger leo said...

I like zaba search
I've found former Dougloid friends useing it, mabey you will too!

At 8:48 PM, Blogger Robert Luedeman, attorney at law said...

An interesting site, Leo. I must refine my inquiry some as there are a lotta James Barnetts


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