Saturday, November 06, 2010

Hey Barak: Grow Some Stones, or, Why We Need National Health Insurance

Something's happened lately that has brought the entire health care reform issue into clear focus, and it wasn't the election or John Boehner's threats to set progress back 75 years once he and his gang of thugs complete their putsch.

A couple of weeks ago the Dragon Lady had her annual mammogram and after two different people told her what they saw was nothing to worry about the phone rang.

That was on a Friday afternoon, and by the following Thursday the offending lump was on its way to the incinerator or whatever they use in hospitals to get rid of nasty stuff, along with a couple of lymph nodes. They stick a needle in and inject a bunch of radioactive dye that says "Listen. If anything escaped these are the places it would go. Walk this way."

We showed up at 8:00 am and by 4:00 pm we were back home.

We expect that things will go well. There will be a daily administration of Doctor Roentgen's favorite radiation products that starts in the end of this month and it will go on for about six weeks.

"Fine" you say. "What's this got to do with me and Obama's n****r care plot to drain off our vital national bodily fluids? Think about that while you're bowing to the effigy of St. Herbert Hoover and thinking how good it is to be a rugged individualist, you liberal sap!"

Here's what it's got to do with you.

We got the first statements from the hospital today. They're going to the insurance company, and they're north of $30,000 for one day's work.

That's right, 30 large and we're not done.

If we did not have good health insurance we would be screwed, blued, and tattooed as the saying goes.

And I can guarantee if we did not get health care reform this past year, the chances of her getting affordable insurance in the future would be flat ass zero.

Do you think that there is a chance in hell you could pay for that without insurance?

Not on your life.


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