Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Lowered Expectations In Washington

The problem with elections is that they're like tying one on with Sterno-the comedown is among the most wretched experiences commonly available, and that's if you survive the initial buzz, which is by no means a given.

The saving grace, however, is that in most cases the electorate has to live with the mess it improvidently made, all of which means that the losers are entitled to a double sized helping of schadenfreude. Retiring to the bleachers and thumbing my nose at the latest crop of Sterno drinkers promises to be very enjoyable work.

For every tea bag wearing self styled real american patriot, there'll be that realization that this victory was akin to crapping your pants. The blessed release and warm feeling will last a short time before the discomfort sets in, and nobody will remember much except the god awful smell.

Electing people whose stock in trade is that they don't know anything and they've never cared to learn how to work with people of differing views is a sure guarantee that they'll be ineffective in the job they were chosen to do. The business of government will go right around them as if they were rocks in a stream.

Marginal people do marginal work, if you're lucky. Most times they're pretty dismal failures.

There is no post coital afterglow to this story-just a damned nasty hangover.


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