Friday, January 08, 2010

Me and Artie and Vinnie and Green Livin'

Artie is, of course, King Arthur's flour-as fine a grind as ever came out of Vermont, more of which anon-not the least of which is that King Artie is owned by the employees and is as all-American as you can get.

Vinny is the KitchenAid mixer you see before you which shows that all good things come to he who waits-in this case, it took two years of going to auctions to get this one for $15.

That was a couple of years ago but Vinny's done for baking what google did for the internet-the gap between the idea and the concrete expression of it is painless, easy and rapid. Time was that baking involved a lot of beatings and effort. No more.

I gave Vinny a run through a couple weeks ago in an idle moment and today's going to net me two loaves of home made bread with less effort than it takes to describe it. It sounds better than paying three bucks for a single loaf of Mr. Wonder's best.

And that's what green living is all about, folks-using or recycling things that are already there for us to take hold of, if we but imagine it.


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