Tuesday, January 05, 2010

A reminder from the editor to spammers and hustlers

Just a gentle reminder. If you had any sense, you'd read the stuff in the masthead and realize that a spam message to my comment inbox is wasted effort and time you'll never get back. If you waste enough time you'll die.

All posts are moderated-not just some of them. That means that the only person who sees them is me, to start with. If they're not ready for prime time they get canned. Spam is automatically deleted without comment in a matter of hours. Nobody here thinks that if you just click on the link in the message that you'll be taken to a wonderful website where all our problems will be solved. We know that what you're really doing is trying to get paid per click and you don't care whether we live or die.

Do I think it'll make any difference? No. Does that mean you have an advantage? No.

I'm running things here.

Are we clear?


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