Friday, August 07, 2009

Birthers Punked

It seems that an article appeared on WorldNet, a birther website, seeming to have uncovered a Kenyan birth certificate demonstrating that President Obama was actually born in Kenya.

Aside from the problem of how do you fake local newspapers from 1961 in Hawaii that have sat in library archives since then, it turns out that the entire project was a prank that has made the birthers look foolish and credible which has the birthers busily parsing and examining effort to validate their copies of the Hitler Diaries and the Salamander Letter.

The whole thing is starting to appear laughable-which means we need to keep it going.

The only question I have is what sanctions will be applied to Attorney Orly Taitz when she files this fraudulent document in court as she's threatening to do.

When someone like Ann Coulter says you're a crank, you've got serious issues.


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