Thursday, February 05, 2009

A rose by any other name

We're reliably informed that the great "What the hell's  that smell? It smells like maple syrup!" mystery has been unraveled by Hizzoner, Michael Bloomberg, mayor of the self styled "big apple".

Bloomberg also called a press conference to announce the joyous news.

Don't worry. It isn't. The big apple, that is. 

Now. Let's see, where was I?

Oh. I remember. The smells.

As it happens, nearly every time something smells in New York, the N'yaarkers find a way to blame it on people in New Jersey, and it looks like this is no different.

It seems that the olfactory malefactors have been identified as Frutarom,  a firm in Bergen County that processes fenugreek seeds, a spice that is used in mideastern and asian cooking.

Well. Let me serve notice on Hizzoner.

The prevailing winds blow from west to east, so nobody in Manhattan gets to breathe it before we're damn good and done with it. 

Next time it might not smell like maple syrup either.

So there, Mikey. Shut yer pie hole.


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