Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Slow Bomb Redux: Ferraro and King Weigh In

The Chicago Tribune tells us this morning that race is becoming an issue in the Democratic primary season.

To which we here at the Dougloid Towers collectively said "Well, duh!" I mean, it's always been there, it's just been a matter of who would choose to make it a defining issue. And it was the Clinton campaign which did it, in South Carolina and now at the hands of Geraldine Ferraro.

The rest of the article goes on to say that Geraldine Ferraro resigned from the Clinton "campaign" (and I use that word advisedly) but she's intent on using her fifteen minutes of fame to spew her venom, all the while giving that li'l ole fig leaf of plausible deniability to Mrs. Clinton. All of which points to the utility of having throwaway flunkies to do your wet work for you.

Maybe Ferraro had a point about gender and race and nomination, but she lost it for us when she dropped the Slow Bomb into the crowd.

The Tribune also points out that there's a segment of southern white male voters in the old Confederacy that will not vote for Obama if he's the candidate because of his color. They'll defect to McCain.

What they aren't underscoring is that these voters will probably vote for McCain anyway, because they don't like women either. Aside from voting in the primary they're lost to the Democratic party anyway.

As an aside, the existence of a place, in the words of Tom Lehrer , where "old times there are not forgotten, whuppin' slaves and pickin' cotton" merely points out that there are few things in life worse than bad ideas that refuse to die.

Our own resident Klansman Steve King, not to be outdone, has opined that if Obama is elected the terrorists will be dancing in the streets. It's so absurd that the offensiveness of his remarks is outweighed by their pathetic nature.


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