Friday, May 05, 2006

Dead Man Talking

As everyone by now is aware, Zacarias Moussaoui, the al Qaida wannabe and narcissist deluxe, was handed a life without sentence in federal court the other day. It's reported that as he was escorted out he shouted "America, you lost! David Novak, you lost! I won!". I am quite sure that the G had one of their Citations gassed up and ready to transport his Nibs to his new estate at Florence ADX in Colorado.

A curious statement from a curious man. I'm not sure he would have made that statement had he been as astute as he claims to be.

What's waiting in Florence for him is a cell the size of a bathroom with concrete furniture and a thin pallet for his repose. There is a shower and a black and white teevee that broadcasts only educational programs. He will get an hour of yard time every so often, in a bare concrete courtyard. He will not talk to other inmates or staff. Aside from occasional visits from family, friends and legal aid, he faces a pretty bleak forty years or so, unless he cares to gnaw through the veins in his wrists and gets it over with. In short, it makes Devil's Island look like a holiday resort. It is a bad place to be.

In a short time everyone will have forgotten about him, as they have with nearly all the other residents at Florence. He will never leave, except in the unlikely event that the G decides to let the French warehouse him. Speaking of the French, the embassy had a representative in court throughout the entire trial and they said it was exemplary-high praise from the French indeed.

So what is it that he won, in his mind? Notoriety? That won't last. Martyrdom? The 67 virgins are going to have to wait a lot longer. Nope. He's going to be bored every minute of his waking life for the next 40 years-and THEN he'll get his slow, painful and miserable death from some debilitating disease. In short, the rot will set in, and it won't be pretty or glamorous. He will not die young or leave a beautiful corpse.

In short, he's had his fifteen minutes of fame. He's finished.

Winner, indeed.


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