Friday, March 17, 2006

Slouching Toward the Abyss II: Hamas Speaks

It is reported this day that the folks from Hamas are ready to submit their list of cabinet nominees to el Presidente Abbas. That ought to be a fun meeting.

As something of a postscript, Khaled Meshaal, leader in exile of Hamas said this from the safety of his bunker in Damascus:

"Being in power is only a means to an end for Hamas. Power is not our ultimate goal. We and the Zionists have a date with destiny. If they want a fight, we are ready for it. If they want a war, we are the sons of war. If they want a struggle we are for it to the end."

I'm all for friendship and amity. The tenor of this, however is unmistakably obvious to anyone with the intelligence of a potted geranium.

I do not think the Jews want a war. Nobody with a shred of sanity wants a war. Hamas, however, should be under no illusions-if they want war they will get it in the Extra Large Economy Size Party Pak, with compound interest, and the end may come in ways that they do not acknowledge.

Events in Jericho have proved recently that if it is needed, Israel will act in its own self interest, and do what is necessary for the protection of its citizens and for the punishment of its enemies, Hamas or no Hamas, sons of war or no sons of war. The date with destiny that Khaleed Meshaal speaks of may not be at his choosing, and it may not be at all what he expects.

Apologists and those in the appeasement camp will say "But gee, Sparky-if we could just make a deal with these Hamas fellows, they'll be reasonable and they haven't said they're going to the mattresses, have they?"

As a practical matter, what is more likely is that, like a lot of reformers before it, once in office, Hamas will find the graft and corruption smorgasbord laid out for them altogether too tempting to turn down. And that, in the end will put paid to them.


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