Monday, January 30, 2006

Err, well, errata of a sort. Not exactly a Homer Simpson moment but close.

I'm informed by a colleague that my attributions of bad motive to the stillborn (as I call it LB-737) program were correct but the attribution of those bad motives could well be laid at the door of collective bargaining representatives in the Great Northwest who decided that a few crumbs from their table were going to be a few crumbs too many.

My correspondent says that tools, jigs, and fixtures had to be loaded back on the trucks and sent back to wherever they came from.

Ah well-so much for the solidarity of working people the world over, huh?

There are a couple of news items that are worth noting in this connection.

a Boeing press release and

the latter being from the Los Angeles Business Journal, March 1, 1999 entitled "Boeing Overhaul May Cast Shadow on Long Beach California" by Dan Taub

I think my central thesis is still valid-that the LB-737 program was as dead on arrival as last week's refuse from the Pike Street Market.


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