Friday, December 27, 2013

Selkirk Crosses The Equator And Meets Neptune

I had my third load of chemo today and I seem to have tolerated it pretty well. About all I got out of it was a bit of a tummy ache which some Pepto Bismol took care of.  So, I have reached the halfway point, and the next time I get to see the oncologist and see how I'm doing, generally speaking.

I'm also glad that Christmas is over, and I will be equally glad when New Years' is gone as well. Not that I dislike it as a ritual but the commercial side of it seems to be a little more than I can happily deal with these days and I am not interested in booze ads on television.

It isn't that good, and it never did my family any good either. I'll stick with soda pop myself.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Selkirk Gets Seasick and Wonders What He's Doing.

The second load of chemo went in  and I think the prednisone is what's causing me problems. A general fogginess, lack of sleep, and lassitude have caused me to dial back on a lot of amp repair work until I get through this bad stage. Once the five days is up today I can start coming out of the fog and get buckled down to some real work.

I got lucky today. I had a misdemeanor court trial and the defendant was a totally wacky Liberian  who would not shut up and listen to me for a minute. Lucky me, the cop didn't show up and the ticket was dismissed. I know there is a G-d and sometimes He hears my prayers. This was a gift.

UPDATE: Here it is a week later and I'm starting to come out of the haze so it's time to get some work done and some serious guitar practice before the 27th when I get to hit the halfway point. I have a few amp jobs to crank out and I've withdrawn from most of my PD cases so getting down to essentials. Tomorrow it's time to put together a couple more amps and get them gone and clean up the shop.

Saturday, December 07, 2013

Crusoe's Island Part IV. Selkirk Gets Accustomed To His Surroundings

I had my second load of chemo yesterday, and since it was determined I took it pretty well, why, they just upped my download speed (so to speak) and I was done with the whole thing in five hours which included reading most of Mary Chesnut's Diaries on my Kindle. Thank goodness for good visible veins.

I did feel a little woozy but when I got out in the cold air I was well enough to drive home.  I did have a significant headache all last night but I'm in good enough shape today to go to war with the Westwood IT boffins over their consistent screwing up of my passwords.

That battle must be fought out today and I am just grumpy enough for that struggle. Film at 11.